Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express.
Do you accept other forms of payment?
At this time we require online payment via credit cards. We can't invoice you, accept a purchase order, or take an order over the phone.
Do you use SSL?
Yes, all plans include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). We believe security and privacy are crucial for an application like OnePlace so we include it in every plan.
Is the Free plan really free?
Whereas there is no such thing as a free lunch, there really is such a thing as a free plan in OnePlace. If you are using this plan, we won't ask you to pay a cent for it.
How is OnePlace licensed? Do I have to sign a contract to use OnePlace?
OnePlace is offered as a subscription service, billed either monthly or yearly (if you choose this option). There is no long-term contract to sign, cancel at any time with no obligation.
Where can I review your terms of service, terms of use and privacy policies?
How does the 14 day free trial work?
Once you sign up for any of our paid plans, you will have 14 days to evaluate OnePlace. We don't require a credit card to start your trial. Change plans at any time during the free trial period. If you cancel your account during the free trial period (or anytime with the free plan), you don't owe us a cent. When your trial period comes to an end (we'll inform you ahead of time), if you signed up for a paid plan you will be required to provide credit card information to continue the service.
If I cancel my account in the middle of a billing period, will I receive an refund?
We do not offer a refund when service ends in the middle of a billing period. Please refer to our Terms of Service policy for full details of our refund policy.
How do I know you'll keep my credit card information safe?
OnePlace has partnered with and Wells Fargo for credit card processing. is a well known, trusted, secure payment gateway. All credit card information is stored on's secure servers. The only thing OnePlace stores is your customer id.
How does OnePlace keep my data secure?
All communication between your browser and OnePlace is done using an encrypted connection (SSL), and your data is stored in a secure data center.
Can my non-profit, charity or school use OnePlace for 50% off?
Yes, click here for more details.
Do I get a receipt when my credit card is charged?
Yes, you will get an email each and every time your credit card is charged.
The Enterprise plan requires a minimum of 25 users.
The free personal plan does not allow you to add other users to your account, and you can't create shared workplaces in this account. However, you do receive a private workplace in which you can create projects, tasks, lists and notes, and upload files (up to 500 MB). Also, a team account can add your personal account to one of their shared workplaces, so in that way you can collaborate with others in OnePlace.
A workplace is the means within OnePlace to associate a team of people with data (discussions, projects, tasks, files, notes, etc.), and allow these people to collaborate together and share data. A workplace can have as many people in it as you want, and these people don't necessarily need to belong to the same team account (perfect for collaborating with external users such as clients, vendors, partners, etc.). Note that each user has a private workplace in their personal account which is used to store the user's private information, and cannot be shared with other users. This workplace does not count against the workplace totals for an account.
How do I know how many workplaces my team needs?
It really depends on how you plan to use workplaces. Our customers use workplaces in all sorts of different ways, and the ways you can use them is only limited by your imagination. One use is to create a workplace for each department/role that your team participates in (i.e. Product Development, Human Resources, Executive, Marketing, etc.). Another use is to create a workplace for each client your team works with. Yet another use is to create a workplace for a particular goal your team wants to achieve, such as launching a cool new product your company is working on. Because you can upgrade/downgrade at any time, or purchase additional workplaces for your current plan, don't worry about getting it wrong now. Let your needs drive your decision.
Do archived workplaces count against my total workplaces?
No, only active workplaces count against the number allowed by your plan.
Do archived projects count against my total projects?
No, only active projects count against the number allowed by your plan.
Do archived files count against my total storage limit?
Yes, all files, whether active or archived count against the total storage allowed by your plan.
What are the system requirements for my computer to use OnePlace?
We require that JavaScript and cookies be turned on in your browser. We support Firefox 33+, Safari 6+, Internet Explorer 9+, and Chrome 36+. We recommend using a high speed Internet connection.
Can I get my data back out of OnePlace if I decide to cancel my account?
OnePlace currently offers the ability to export all task data in an account to a file you can download to your computer. You can do this for a team account or a personal account at any time.
Ready to improve your team's productivity?
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