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Connect and communicate with your team anywhere and anytime. Participate in discussions, communicate with your team, and connect everyone online in OnePlace.

Creating stronger relationships with the people on your team increases employee happiness and overall business success. Increasing the connectivity between the people you work with is a key element to your business success.

OnePlace offers the people on your team the ability to grow business relationships and improve communication online, as well as with face-to-face interactions. With all the tools to build a strong working relationship between team members, OnePlace is a great way to build trust.

Imagine how effortless it would be to collaborate with all the people in your business - clients, vendors and employees - in one place. By offering communication solutions in an online setting, everyone can work on tasks and schedules together while remaining up-to-date on the status of individuals so the entire team is connected.

Key Features

  • Team Pulse

    Home key feature teamcollaboration 99db87bd8bf25f2c88ab8a323a9d7f91cf5ad4401322d0ab1ad6fdeeb88f7f7b Well informed team members are a key ingredient to a highly-effective team. An internal Twitter-like conversation tool, Team Pulse keeps you updated on your team’s activity, and can be used as a chat function in which to communicate.

  • File Sharing & Collaboration

    Home key feature filesharing 69d24b2a1e7fd45971d06a3a9aeb5c9d4d51d79243cae0f78bc8bf3fcd286f47 By storing and sharing files in OnePlace, you are enabling your people to collaborate on documents, thus producing the best end result possible.

  • Discussions

    Home key feature discussion afb77344ab81435c694683ee8c9da1074aff85e4dccea750b2ca383a87bcf5c6 Now your team can communicate around a specific product or idea, and generate conversation from others. Everyone’s thoughts and notes are organized easily for future reference.

  • Comments

    Home key feature comment a573cffb7437a08dc67bcdd1afc785f215fce03e9a309e2c532a35d2adfc980a An easy way to open communication around a specific task or file, comments generate ideas in an organized fashion.

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