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In order to reach your business goals, you want to make sure your processes are running smoothly and your people are successful. OnePlace is the trusted source that helps the people in your business to do just that.

To improve employee efficiency, OnePlace offers a great number of team and business organizational tools to keep your people focused on managing and completing their work rather than finding lost information. Imagine the stress lifted off your shoulders by knowing that all information is right where it should be, and that the right things are getting done. You can even use OnePlace to track progress on workplaces and projects to know that the right steps are being taken to complete work and achieve your goals.

Improving the efficiency of your employees and the people you work with is the best way to get started reaching your goals. OnePlace is your trusted source for task organization and online communication. OnePlace not only improves employee efficiency, it helps your business get more organized. With OnePlace, your business will get more done and achieve a level of success greater than you could ever imagine.

Key Features

  • Project Management

    Home key feature projectmgmt b526a36169cc7bfcc57e06da94b90f295b4504f180a32fa6564ec20d2916e859 Online project management becomes organized and efficient with OnePlace’s hierarchical projects. Structuring tasks and projects this way keeps plans organized and aids in monitoring completion reports.

  • Task Scheduling

    Home key feature taskscheduling d3def898dc4a04d2ebd916d1d69eaffda8f2458a5989a38117253f220316703d The best way to complete work is to schedule it. Task scheduling in OnePlace helps you plan out your days and weeks to find what works for you to achieve your project goals.

  • Reports

    Home key feature projectreports 95a4773954602465117a6efbe7f2947f01451a3f9993d65b16dc27101cf462b0 An overview of the status of your work, OnePlace reports show projects, tasks and hours completed by the team toward achieving goals.

  • Time Tracking

    Home key feature timetracking b59603ba1726644cd4c0f205d2d0cef2c60fc51ad441d0ea617f928381d1858c OnePlace allows you to track the time you spend on each task. When time is applied, OnePlace automatically calculates remaining effort. This helps for future project planning and task assignments for your team.

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