Lift Bridge Beer Company Finds Task Management and Collaboration Ease with OnePlace

When most people think of a brewery, they think of the beer that is made and the possible weekend tours they could take - not the organization and production side of the business. But the fact is that running a brewery is just like running any other business, and needs to be organized as such.

After two years of perfecting business plans and recipes, Lift Bridge Beer Company sold their first keg of beer in September 2008. With delicious Flagship brews such as the Farm Girl Saison® and the Crosscut Pale Ale™, Lift Bridge Beer Company also offers seasonal beers, all of which can be found on their website or in bars and liquor stores across Stillwater, MN and the Twin Cities area.

Opening and running a brewery can have many unique challenges, and when sales had to be managed as well, the brewery found themselves needing an online solution to organize their business and their team.

Needing to Consolidate Communication
Because Lift Bridge Beer Company started as a hobby business, many members of the brewery team also have day jobs. They needed an easy way to manage projects in a centralized location, as the team was not working together in one building.

The brewery saw a need to calm down the amount of email communication in an effort to decrease confusion. Email threads tend to get cluttered after a while, and don’t make a lot of sense.They also wanted a way to reference old communications when they brought new people on the team.

Solution for a Distributed Workforce
With the team working in a variety of places, OnePlace is an excellent solution for keeping business communications centralized. The brewery also keeps business and beer communications in OnePlace Discussions, to be read easily and referenced in the future.

From OnePlace, the Lift Bridge Beer Company team was also able to manage projects and tasks with ease. By having one person in charge of creating and organizing tasks, the brewery knows that each member of the team is working on what needs to be completed.

Greater Beer Success
After enabling OnePlace, Lift Bridge Beer Company saw a huge decrease in the amount of items being forgotten and overlooked by teammates. Now, employees using Smartphones aren’t missing email communication and everyone is more connected. By keeping the tasks right at their fingertips, the brewery is getting more done and increasing success among their people and their business.

By managing tasks and communications efficiently, Lift Bridge Beer Company can continue to offer a variety of beers around Minnesota. We look forward to watching them grow in their business communications and success by using OnePlace.

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Company: Lift Bridge Brewery
Locations: 1
# of Employees: 10
Industry: Wine and Spirits
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Team Collaboration, Mobile, Discussions, File Storage
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