Accountants 4 Less Reduces Project Management Time by 50% With OnePlace

OnePlace - the small business solution to team collaboration and project management - strives to increase productivity and success of business teams and individuals. Since 2008, OnePlace has been continuously updated to ensure optimum performance for the product and for the users.

When Accountants-4-Less was looking for a more robust project management solution in the fall of 2008, they turned to OnePlace.

About Accountants 4 Less
Accountants-4-Less offers back office solutions for businesses that need a cost-effective, efficient way to manage time consuming - but necessary - business tasks. Accountants-4-Less helps businesses with HR management, bookkeeping, billing and financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting.

Prior to using OnePlace, Accountants-4-Less was using Basecamp as their project management system. Upon finding it ineffective for handling their client management workload, they turned to OnePlace.

OnePlace Fits Project Management Needs
Accountants-4-Less began using OnePlace by organizing their clients as OnePlace Workplaces, and inputting projects and tasks for each client as necessary. The Accountants-4-Less team was impressed by the way the hierarchical workplaces structured client work and kept tasks organized.

By managing over 80 clients, it is not uncommon for the Accountants-4-Less staff to receive over 1,000 emails and paper correspondence a day from those clients. The staff at Accountants-4-Less who are in charge of organizing tasks and customer correspondence would scan documents when needed, upload files to tasks, and assign tasks to the appropriate client account manager with a due date. Because of OnePlace’s ease of use for this process, Accountants-4-Less reduced this part of the staff from two employees to one.

OnePlace Updates Streamline Accountants-4-Less
In October of 2009, OnePlace had a great overhaul of the team collaboration and project management solution. By listening to customer feedback, OnePlace updated the homepage layout, improved its workplace navigator, and added in depth workplace and project reporting capabilities.

OnePlace also added detailed email integration into workplaces. Now, users can email tasks directly into a workplace. And with the volume of emails Accountants-4-Less receives, this is their favorite OnePlace feature.

By sending all client correspondence through to OnePlace and converting directly to tasks with documents and files attached to them, Accountants-4-Less has again been able to decrease time spent on uploading client tasks by 50%. Now the staff has more time to complete tasks for their clients, rather than entering tasks into OnePlace manually.

Accountants-4-Less also recently implemented a macro to aid in inbound email task assignments. Because 90% of their tasks came directly from emails, the new macro to automatically input the project, assignee, deadline and subscriber means the Accountants-4-Less team is spending no time assigning these tasks.

OnePlace will continue to add new and improve existing features to ensure customers stay successful. By improving the success of small businesses, OnePlace achieves its goal of making individuals and teams productive.

To improve the productivity and success of your small business team, sign up for OnePlace and test it out with a free 14 day trial at

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Company: Accountants-4-Less
Locations: 3
# of Employees: 12
Industry: Accounting Services
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Team Collaboration, Email Integration
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